Printing Atmel AVR Assembly source code in LaTeX

12 November 2013

My current class has assignments in AVR Assembly and I’ve gotten source code printing of Atmel AVR Assembly working in LaTeX with color highlighting.

Here’s how it works:

The listings module in LaTeX allows for printing of source code for a variety of different languages, but AVR Assembly is not one of them. I needed to go ahead and define the language highlighting myself. Assembly is fairly simple, so I just needed to define keywords for all the instructions and registers.

I found a set of keywords defined by Nils Michelsen online, and edited it so that I could highlight instructions, registers, and directives separately.


This definition goes into the ‘lstlang.sty’ file within the listings module.

Now, in my tex file, I configured the listings module to use this definition:

\definecolor{MyDarkGreen}{rgb}{0.0,0.4,0.0} % This is the color used for comments
\lstset{language=AVR, % AVR 8-bit Assembler
        frame=single, % Single frame around code
        basicstyle=\small\ttfamily, % Use small true type font
        keywordstyle=\color{Blue}\bf, % Instructions in blue, bold
        keywordstyle=[2]\color{Orange}, % Registers and ports in orange
        keywordstyle=[3]\color{Purple}, % Directives in purple
        tabsize=5, % 5 spaces per tab
        numbers=left, % Line numbers on left
        firstnumber=1, % Line numbers start with line 1
        numberstyle=\tiny\color{Blue}, % Line numbers are blue and small
        stepnumber=5 % Line numbers go in steps of 5

% Creates a new command to include an asm script,
% the first parameter is the filename of the program (without .asm),
% the second parameter is the caption

Now, I can just place a main.asm file in the same directory, and call it with \avrasm{main}{comment}. The output looks like this:

AVR ASM listings example