PCB Business Card: Round 2

01 August 2015



Update: The error with the pads ended up being the fault of the fab, and DirtyPCBs has very generously reordered my board with the correct specifications.

My last order of my capacitive touch PCB business cards had some unfortunate bugs, like a missed cutout for the reverse-mounted ATtiny and a short from power to ground.

I fixed the bugs and re-ordered from DirtyPCBs. It seems what caused the missed cutout in the last order was the “CUTOUT” text in the middle of the cutout in the edge cuts layer, which is the format OSHPark uses. After removing it, the fab correctly processed the cutout.

I used the DirtyPCB’s “protopack” quantity option this time, which can yield more or less than 10 PCBs, depending on what the manufacturer needs to fill out a panel. I lucked out this time and received 12 boards.

However, the fab accidentally exposed the capacitive pads this time, which was interesting, as I didn’t indicate anything on the soldermask layer. Perhaps they thought I had made a mistake?

The silkscreen on the board seems to be lower quality this time. The print isn’t as bold, and there are small spots where the silkscreen didn’t transfer. There is also some distortion because the silkscreen gerber wasn’t perfectly aligned with the print, so there are some small artifacts with straight lines that don’t look too great.

Stack of Boards with Blemishes